The Part Everyone Hates.

Well nobody really likes this part of disclosing personal info about yourself but I’ll attempt to give it a go here.

My name is Hope Houston and I’m from Belfast, Northern Ireland. When you’re from Belfast, you tend to come across a selected few who would battle with you for forgetting the ‘Northern’ before Ireland and proceed to give you an entire history lesson of when Ireland was partitioned between Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland by an act of the British parliament in 1922. However, I won’t bore you with that.

Coming from such a small city,the yearning to travel across the world has become embedded within me. I’m fascinating by other cultures with their own individual idiosyncrasies and cultures and I hope to have travelled far and wide with a collection of tales to recite to my grandkids over and over again in years to come. I hope to see as much of Europe as I can in the next couple of years before advancing onto discovering the main other worldly wonders across the other continents.

I’m currently at Queen’s University, Belfast studying Law with Spanish. In the third year of my studies I will have to embark on a year abroad as part of my degree, living independently for the first time in my 20 years, in Zaragoza. Although I have no strong desire to sacrifice my soul to corporate law, I think a law degree will facilitate my dream in one day aiding power to the powerless (both to my two legged friends and four legged friends). I’m a strong advocator of human and animal rights (yes, I’m a vegan for ethically, health and environmental reasons) and I believe that we are all born free and equal. On another note, I’m a linguistic fanatic and whilst I’ve a strong working knowledge of Spanish, I can communicate and understand French and I’m in the process of teaching myself Italian.

Stick with me as I document my weird and wonderful experiences.